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Margot Casstevens and Kurt Madison

Margot Casstevens

I’ve been making art for my entire remembered life. One of those family legends that floats around during the holidays has me toddling up to my mother, bearing paper and pencil, and declaiming “when I grow up I’m going to be an artist”…I have no memory of this, but my mother assures me that it’s true. I’ve now studied and made art through seven fascinating years of university arts education (BFA, MFA) and continued to pursue those often elusive, but always satisfying moments when it all comes together. Mostly we make art, but sometimes—when we’re lucky—we are present when art is made.

It’s difficult to say much about a particular body of work until, sometimes, years later. So, when I try to write about my art, it’s more a question of collecting all the bits of words and phrases stuck on papers pinned around the studio.

Some of those: unique poignant experience emerging in flesh and memory; vertical expression of essential unity; each of us blazing a brief glorious trail full of humor, pain and domestic detail.

I guess I’m interested in all those moments that make us take a second look at who we are…be it a body part, a strong emotion, or a broken remnant of our childhood. Enjoy.


Kurt Madison

Every object of desire is a Found Object

– Wm Gibson

What I’ve lost has gone. What I’ve gained has no name

– Alejandro Escovedo

Kurt Madison has lived, worked and taught in a variety of places around the United States and in Scotland. In continual art involvement, he has exhibited regularly over the last 30 years, receiving a variety of awards and recognitions. Publications have included catalogs and journals as well Texas Monthly; Southwest Art and Lapidary Journal. Recently he has received several honorable mentions in the Tokyo Hands shows and has been included in the forthcoming book: Exceptional Works in Metal Clay and Glass by Mary Ann Devos.

Our lives are found; we are given or find the everything that makes up our life.

I work with lost and found materials, ideas and images developed into objects, fragments, and parts that get lost and refound again in the studio. Language and quotes and techniques get applied in an amalgamation of metals, glass, stones, ceramics, fragments, detritus, flotsam, nuts &bolts. Techniques are applied, connecting all of this in a synthesis that becomes a one of a kind uniqueness – small scale sculpture, frequently in precious metals.


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